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September 30, 2019

Investigating Personal Injury and Premises Liability Claims on Construction Sites: What Do Companies Need to Know?

Accidents on construction sites can expose property owners, builders, contractors, architecture and engineering firms, and other companies to substantial liability. While working to avoid accidents is often the best way to minimize risk, there are strategies for mitigating liability once an accident has occurred, and asserting a successful defense typically starts with conducting a thorough investigation of the plaintiff’s claims. Read More

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September 16, 2019

Business Insurance: What Coverage(s) Does Your Company Need?

Whether you are starting a small business, preparing to expand or simply seeking to mitigate your company’s risk exposure, it is worth carefully assessing your company’s insurance needs. Purchasing adequate insurance coverage can provide critical protection in the event of a lawsuit or casualty and being able to rely on insurance coverage when you need it can even help you avoid filing for bankruptcy. Read More

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