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June 30, 2020

OFAC Compliance for Financial Institutions: What Do Banks, Creditors, and SDNs Need to Know?

All U.S. entities that do business with specially designated nationals (SDNs) have compliance obligations that are enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). However, financial institutions are in a unique position that mandates extensive OFAC compliance policies and procedures. While it is crucially important for banks to be aware of what is required, creditors and SDNs seeking access to blocked assets held by U.S. financial institutions will be well-served to familiarize themselves with financial institutions’ compliance obligations as well. Read More

Categories: OFAC Licensing and Litigation

June 16, 2020

Applying for PPP Loan Forgiveness: What Do South Florida Businesses Need to Know?

For most companies, one of the most-desirable aspects of obtaining a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has been the ability to have the loan forgiven in its entirety provided that certain conditions are met. However, many companies have struggled to meet the forgiveness criteria, and a significant number of businesses have discovered that they are ineligible due to the fact that they made mistakes when submitting their PPP loan applications. As a result, prior to submitting an application for PPP loan forgiveness, it is important to review your company’s eligibility with an experienced Fort Lauderdale business lawyer. Read More

Categories: Business Law

June 2, 2020

How Can Companies Deal with Construction Delays Caused by the COVID-19 Crisis?

Among the numerous and wide-ranging impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many construction projects in South Florida have experienced significant delays as a result of workers being forced to stay home and social distancing guidelines limiting the number of workers who can be on a jobsite at any one time. In many cases, this has led to significant financial repercussions for all parties involved, and delayed performance (or nonperformance) has led many parties to evaluate their options for enforcing their contractual rights. Read More

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