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How Insurance Companies View Their Policyholders

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Florida property owners pay significant annual premiums for the insurance that covers their homes and other property, so it is natural for them to see insurers as their representatives when filing claims.

Unfortunately, they can quickly learn that insurers and their adjusters are concerned only about one thing: their bottom lines.  This makes their relationship with policyholders adversarial. This is the time our Broward County insurance claim attorneys can help level the playing field.

Insurance is a Profit-Driven Business

To make a profit, insurance companies typically need more money coming in from premiums and less money going out from claim payments. Thus, the insurance adjusters who investigate claims are dedicated to taking advantage of every possible way to delay payment or avoid paying out more money in claims than is necessary.

Claims adjustors have every right to make sure their companies only pay out valid claims, but sometimes their practices go too far. They may inaccurately cite policy language or even allege fraudulent activities by claimants to reduce or deny claims.

Claimants are at a disadvantage when attempting to resolve these issues on their own. It takes a lawyer who is well-versed in policy language and state insurance statutes to protect the rights of property owners.

Florida Gives Homeowner Insurance Policyholders Specific Rights Regarding their Claims

In addition to laws covering every imaginable aspect of insurance coverage, the Senate passed one law specific to homeowner insurance claims. With certain exceptions, the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights basically grants the following rights to homeowners who file claims for property damage to their homes:

  • To receive claim acknowledgement from the insurance carrier within 14 days of filing
  • To receive decision information (full coverage, partial coverage or denial) from the carrier within 30 days of submitting a written request
  • To receive payment for a full settlement or an undisputed portion of a claim or denial within 90 days

The Bill of Rights also explains the homeowner’s rights for free mediation in disputes. However, homeowners are likely to face insurance company lawyers at the mediation table. The best way to obtain truly fair consideration is to seek representation from an experienced insurance claim attorney as early in your claims process as possible.

A Broward County Insurance Claim Lawyer Can Protect a Policyholder’s Rights

Individuals who experience significant property damage from a hurricane, a collapse, a fire, a pipe burst, or any type of disaster recognize that time is of the essence if they are going to get back to living a normal life as soon as possible. When insurance companies unfairly reduce or deny claims, the process can seem interminable.

Our insurance claims lawyers can advocate on your behalf directly with insurance companies to resolve issues and put claims back on the right track. To learn how we can help, call us at (954) 928-9568 or use our convenient online contact form to get in touch.

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