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Is the Florida Hurricane Lucky Streak About to End?

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It has been nine years since Floridians faced a major bout of hurricanes, and it is too early in the year to predict if that luck will hold for 2015. And while we all hope for the best, it is not too early for Florida property owners to plan for the worst.

With a seashore population growth of about 1.1 million since 1990, according to the Washington Post, an alarming number of property owners may be forced to face a devastating hurricane for the first time in their lives – an encounter unlike anything they have ever experienced. Now is the time to take action and PREPARE.

More Property, Less Hurricane Experience

No one can guarantee the complete safety of their property in a hurricane, but seasoned Floridians know the routine — from boarding up their windows to knowing when and how to evacuate. The throngs of people who moved to the state during the nine-year calm and those who visit their property only during the non-hurricane season may not have the experience necessary to properly protect their property.  Their underestimation of Mother Nature can be devastating – and even fatal.

Both seasoned Floridians and newer property owners should regularly review information provided by FloridaDisaster.org to make sure they know the steps that can help protect homes, businesses and lives. Our Fort Lauderdale hurricane damage attorneys recommend everyone take the time to develop customized plans for homes and businesses from the GetAPlan website, as well.

The Right Insurance Coverage is an Important Part of Hurricane Preparedness

Most people carry insurance that typically covers damage from windstorms and even hurricanes. However, property owners should not wait until a hurricane hits to discover that their property is not covered for reasons such as the following:

  • Windstorm coverage exclusions for property located in the Wind-Pool Area
  • Water damage that required a separate flood insurance policy for coverage
  • Policies that do not cover the additional repair or replacement costs due to building ordinances or laws put in place after the purchase of the policies

Policyholders frequently face surprises at claim time. Sometimes, they learn too late that they are not covered for common risks. Other times, they become victims to complex policy language.

An Experienced Hurricane Insurance Claim Lawyer is Also Part of a Good Hurricane Plan

Buying the right type of insurance is vital, but making sure claims are paid in full and on time is equally important.  The steps you take immediately following a storm can make the difference between receiving a payment for your damage or not.  That is why it is important that you consult with a professional immediately after you discover damage.  Receive a legal review by an experienced Florida hurricane damage claim attorney who understands the nuances of policy language.

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