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What to Look for in a Property Insurance Claim Attorney

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Your property is often your most valuable asset, so chances are that you pay high premiums to ensure you receive full coverage; particularly since Floridians are at significant risk of loss from violent windstorms and wild fires. Unfortunately, many property owners are subject to major surprises when they turn to their policies to recover losses after a disaster.

Insurance companies use knowledgeable adjustors who know how to dissect policy language and deny all or parts of claims. If you attempt to appeal their decisions, their dedicated lawyers are ready, willing and able to protect their interests. If you need to fight their decisions, you need equally knowledgeable Broward County insurance claim lawyers on your side of the negotiation table or courtroom.

Florida Property Damage Claim Disputes Require Specialized Legal Experience

In general, the insurance field is complex and confusing, with each type of insurance requiring special experience and understanding. This is why property owners facing claims issues need to enlist support from attorneys with significant experience handling the specific details pertaining to property losses. Make sure the lawyer you choose has the following attributes:

  • Knowledge of property insurance law: You probably think you fully understand what types of risks your policy covers, but policy language is extremely complex. It takes an attorney who is well-versed in the nuances of every sentence to help find the statements that give your claim a chance of prevailing in settlement negotiations or in court, if necessary.
  • Regional experience: Different areas within the state are susceptible to different types of disasters. One example is the greater risks of storm surge flooding in Florida’s coastal regions than within the inland areas. A local lawyer is likely to have a better understanding of regional issues that can affect your claim.
  • A network of resources: To be sure, insurance companies send inspectors to assess the damages listed in virtually every claim. While they are looking for reasons to reduce or deny your claim, your lawyer must have access to investigators, public adjustors, construction professionals and experts who can find the evidence or give the testimony needed to support your claim.
  • Integrity: Every claim has unique aspects. Claimants may have a good chance of prevailing in many cases, but it is also possible that the insurance company is operating within its legal rights. Honest attorneys provide a frank assessment of your legal options and may even refer you to specialized legal support when necessary.

Choosing the Right Legal Support Can Make a Dramatic Difference to Your Claim

A generalized “insurance attorney” does not typically have the skills and experience needed to litigate effectively against experienced property insurance company lawyers. Support from an experienced local first-party property damage attorney provides the best chance to prevail in these highly-detailed disputes.

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