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7 Signs You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Insurance Claim

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2017 | Insurance Claims |

While many of us have come to expect less-than-stellar customer service from our insurance companies, there is a point at which poor service crosses a line into bad faith. Under Florida law, insurance companies have a legal obligation to faithfully adhere to the terms of their customers’ policies, and insurers that fail to meet their duties or try to take advantage of their customers can often be held legally responsible.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Property Damage Claim?

If you are struggling to secure coverage for a property damage claim, here are seven signs that you may need to speak with an attorney:

1. You Are Getting the Run-Around.

If you cannot get straight answers to simple questions, this will often be a sign that your insurance claim is not being handled appropriately.

2. Your Adjuster is Pointing Fingers.

Your insurance company is responsible for upholding its obligations under your policy. If your adjuster says that you need to deal with a third-party investigator or tries to shift blame for issues or delays, this will often be a sign that you need to get aggressive in order to enforce your rights.

3. You Disagree with Your Adjuster’s Interpretation of Your Policy.

While insurance policies are dense and filled with legal jargon, they generally do not leave too much room for interpretation on key issues like coverage limits and covered losses. If you think your adjuster is wrong about the terms of your policy, this could be a sign of a deliberate misrepresentation.

4. You Are Waiting for an Investigation.

When you file a property damage claim, your insurance company should promptly conduct an investigation. If you have been waiting days or weeks for someone to come assess the damage, you may need a lawyer on your side.

5. You Are Being Kept in the Dark.

If you have been denied payment or received less-than-full coverage for your loss, you are entitled to an explanation. Refusing to provide one may be evidence that your insurer lacks justification for disputing your claim.

6. You Are Being Ignored.

If you have submitted proof or hired a public adjuster and your evidence is being ignored, this could be another sign that your insurance company is handling your claim in bad faith.

7. You Are Being Told Not to Talk to a Lawyer.

You are entitled to legal representation for your property damage claim, and if you have been told not to speak with a lawyer there is a good chance that it is time to seek help from an experienced attorney.

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