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These Are the First Predictions for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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AccuWeather recently released its first predictions for the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. In 2018, we saw a total of 15 named storms; and, in 2019, AccuWeather is predicting, “a near- to slightly above-normal season with 12 to 14 storms.” According to AccuWeather, “[o]f those storms, five to seven are forecast to become hurricanes and two to four are forecast to become major hurricanes.”

In previous years with similar weather patterns this time of year, storms have impacted areas from west of the Florida panhandle to regions north of Florida along the mid-Atlantic coast. While South Florida is right in the middle, this does not necessarily mean that we will see devastating storms similar to what we have experienced in recent years. Individual storm tracks vary widely; and, as we witnessed with the major storms that made landfall in 2018, these tracks can continue to shift on a daily, and even hourly, basis.

That said, South Florida residents and business owners should always be prepared in case a major storm comes our way. For some tips and resources on hurricane preparedness, you can read:

What Should You Do if Your Home or Business is Damaged in a Hurricane?

If your home or business gets damaged in a major storm during the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, one of the most important things you can do is to file a claim with your insurance carrier as soon as possible. Remember, flood damage is excluded under standard homeowners’ insurance policies, and if your home experiences stormwater intrusion you may need to file separate claims under your homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance policies. You should also take plenty of photos and videos if you have access to your home or business, and it may be a good idea to work with a public adjuster who can help accurately calculate your losses.

Unfortunately, dealing with the insurance companies after a hurricane can be a challenge, and scams targeting homeowners and business owners tend to proliferate after major casualty events. If you get scammed by an unlicensed contractor, if you struggle to secure payment from your insurance company, or if your insurance company denies your claim in bad faith, you may need to hire a lawyer to help you. Learn more: 7 Signs You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Insurance Claim.

Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Damage Attorneys for Homeowners and Business Owners in South Florida

Hopefully Florida will emerge from the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season unscathed. But, if your home or business is damaged in a storm, the Fort Lauderdale hurricane damage attorneys at Saavedra | Goodwin are here to help. If you need help and would like to speak with an attorney, you can call (954) 928-9568 or contact us online for a confidential consultation.

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