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Language barriers and contract disputes

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Business Law |

Whether you are putting together a real estate agreement or you are ready to sign a business contract, there are many different topics you need to take into consideration. After all, this agreement will likely have an impact on various facets of your professional and even personal life, affecting your finances, future opportunities and the direction of your business, investments or goals. However, making sure a contract covers every base is very difficult for some people, especially when it comes to language barriers.

If you or are having difficulty understanding certain details of an agreement because of a language barrier or another party is unable to make sense of some of the contract terms because English is not their first language, address these concerns carefully.

Going over every detail of an agreement

Sometimes, people cannot understand certain details of an agreement and they wrongly assume that the issue is insignificant, leading to repercussions later on (such as litigation, stress and costly problems). In fact, some people believe that they thoroughly understand a contract without realizing that certain words were misinterpreted. In some instances, it is helpful for people who struggle with language barriers to reach out to someone they can trust for assistance in order to ensure that their interests are safeguarded before signing an agreement.

Going over a confusing contract and addressing uncertainty

According to the Foreign Affairs Manual’s website, contract disputes can surface regardless of how careful people are when drafting and negotiating contracts. Reviewing a contract is often hard for anyone, regardless of their language abilities. Some contracts are unnecessarily complicated and confusing, even for native speakers, and it is crucial to address any uncertainty prior to signing an agreement.

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