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Are there any risks of suing for breach of contract?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Business Law |

Regardless of industry, doing business successfully requires having a meeting of the minds between your organization and your customers or suppliers. Because there can be wide disagreements about verbal promises, savvy business leaders have written contracts. Indeed, commercial law even requires certain agreements to be in writing.

Having well-written contracts is one of the more effective ways to protect your business. Eventually, though, a party to one of your contracts might breach the agreement. While filing a lawsuit to enforce the contract or seek other remedies can be beneficial, there are some inherent risks to any business litigation.

Future contracts

Depending on your company’s sector, you might not have a limitless number of organizations with which you can do business. If you are too quick to file lawsuits, you might have difficulty securing future contracts. Consequently, it might make sense to explore alternatives to litigation or use litigation only as a last resort.

Brand image

According to reporting from CNBC, a company’s brand identity is of critical importance to its success in the modern economy. Just as companies can develop bad reputations by paying low wages, unfairly laying off workers or cheating customers, filing too many lawsuits can be harmful to an organization’s reputation.

Even though you might have the right to sue, doing so might not be in the best interests of your organization. Ultimately, to ensure your breach of contract lawsuits do not needlessly damage your company’s brand image, it is advisable to carefully way the pros and cons of all litigation.

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