A Business-First Approach To The Practice Of Law

Mergers And Acquisitions Is The Heart Of Corporate And Business Law

At Saavedra-Goodwin, we know that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are the center of many business transactions. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to give each and every transaction the attention to detail it needs.

We offer a broad range of services and have an extensive and varied list of clients in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. Whether you are a small business, family-owned business or a larger Fortune 500 company undergoing a major change, we can help.

A Deep Understanding Of The Process

While strategy is important in many aspects of legal representation, it is a necessary skill when it comes to M&A. We know how one transaction is likely to affect your business, employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders and will advise you on these matters so that you are fully informed.

Warranties are a hot spot for commercial transactions. As such our team carefully reviews any buyer or seller warranties and representations to ensure they are not potentially problematic. As a firm with extensive legal experience and know-how, we can advise you as to how your transaction will likely affect other areas of your business. From the initial structuring to negotiating and executing a merger or acquisition, turn to the trusted team at Saavedra-Goodwin.

Protect Your Interests With A Dedicated Advocate

Ensure every aspect of your transaction is optimized to be in your best interest. Work with an experienced mergers and acquisitions team that has the insight and savvy to serve your goals in the long run. We can assist with:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Consolidating
  • Reorganization
  • Spin-offs
  • Joint ventures
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Liquidations
  • Financial restructuring

We will actively protect your interests so that any changes meet or exceed your expectations and avoid unnecessary risk.

Partner With A Team That Has A Solid Reputation For Success

Whether you are acquiring an entity or exiting ownership, we offer trusted guidance, counsel and representation. Call (954) 928-9568 to set up a consultation. We can also be contacted via the website. Saavedra-Goodwin, helping Fort Lauderdale businesses succeed since 1988.