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Fighting To Protect Your Trade Secrets

Trade secrets and other types of intellectual property are some of the most valuable assets that a business owns. From client lists and unique manufacturing processes to recipes and codes for computer programs, companies must take all available measures to safeguard these trade secrets. These measures might include requiring all employees sign non-disclosure agreements or undergo security clearances or background checks before being hired.

Because trade secrets are not concrete objects and their definition may not be entirely clear, it can be difficult to adequately protect or even identify infringement upon trade secrets. Furthermore, there is no requirement that trade secrets be registered with state or federal government agencies, like a patent or a trademark.

When safety measures fail, competitors and even dishonest current or former employees may use unethical practices to misuse secret information for their own benefit. In such cases, the future of your business, as well as the source of your family’s livelihood, is at risk. When someone compromises or steals your trade secrets occurs, you have the right to hold the persons or entities responsible for their actions in disregarding fair business practices and other legal obligations.

Fort Lauderdale Trade Secret Attorneys Are Here to Help

The attorneys of Saavedra-Goodwin stand ready to initiate litigation to protect your trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, whether it be through the enforcement of a non-compete agreement, the filing of a lawsuit prohibiting the unauthorized use of information by a former employee, or the filing of an action seeking damages for a competitor’s unethical business practices.

Likewise, if a former employer or competing company has accused you of wrongfully obtaining, using or disclosing their trade secrets, you will need aggressive, experienced counsel to assist you throughout any ensuing litigation. At Saavedra-Goodwin, we represent individuals, employees and all types of companies who may be involved in trade secret disputes or litigation.

If you believe that your trade secrets are at risk, or if you have been accused of misappropriating another’s trade secret, you should immediately consult with ’s Saavedra-Goodwin Fort Lauderdale trade secret lawyers today, or call us at (954) 928-9568.