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Property Damage/Insurance Claims

Broward County Property Damage and Insurance Claims Attorneys

Whether you have experienced property loss or damages due to fire, flood, hurricane, wind or other type of covered disaster, you are entitled to full and fair compensation on your insurance claim.

The bottom line for insurance companies however is that they are in the business of making money.  This translate into business models which attempt to exploit any grey areas in policies or more commonly a lack of attention to detail on the insured’s behalf in order to deny or underpay legitimate property damage claims. You are likely to encounter an insurance adjuster (working for the carrier) who is more interested in serving the insurance company's interests rather than advocating for you to gain your rightful compensation for your losses. In order to prevail on your insurance claims, you often will need the assistance of your experienced Fort Lauderdale lawyers who know how to protect your rights and effectively negotiate with your insurance company.

Serving Clients in South Florida Insurance Disputes

We represent a wide variety of commercial and residential clients in insurance claim and casualty claim cases. Common examples of property damage insurance claims that we routinely and successfully handle include the following:

While some of our clients are long-time Florida residents, many other clients reside in other states or even countries, but own property in the popular vacation destination of South Florida. Whatever your unique situation, you need attorneys who have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to represent your interests in an effective, yet cost-efficient manner within the specialized and detailed areas of insurance coverage.

Public Adjuster

A public adjuster represents the policyholder and not the insurance company in negotiations. With the burden of proof on the policy holder, having a diligent and experienced public adjuster working to discover the full extent of the covered damage is often an invaluable asset when negotiating with the insurance company. Contacting such an adjuster immediately is often the first step in a successful claim. Please click here for more information on public adjusting and casualty services.

Also, please visit Blaine Vermeulen and Associates, a Public Adjuster we have worked with successfully for over 25 years. To visit the site and review their additional services, please click here.

Property and Casualty Claims Lawyers Advocating on Your Behalf

As your attorneys, we protect and support your interests to help you secure full compensation on your wind claim, hurricane claim, or other type of casualty claim. Our services would include:

  • Filing and negotiating the settlement of insurance claims
  • Providing insurance adjusters with documentation relating to your claims
  • Suing insurance companies if your claim is unfairly denied in whole or in part
  • Bringing bad faith claims against insurance companies

Contact Your Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claim Attorneys Today

When you are faced with an insurance claim due to significant property damage, whatever the cause may be, contact the experienced insurance claim lawyers at SG for help.  The sooner you call in the claim process, the sooner you are taking steps to protect your rights to the coverage you have been paying for and have every right to expect.