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Insightful And Strategic Construction Law Guidance

Construction continues to be big business in South Florida. From Fort Lauderdale to areas further inland, new commercial projects and residential developments are a constant presence, and all parties involved in the construction process have a significant amount at stake. Regardless of your role in the industry, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and to resolve disruptive disputes as quickly as possible, it is important to have an experienced Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer on your side.

At Saavedra-Goodwin, we provide experienced, insightful and strategic legal representation for all legal matters pertaining to construction projects in South Florida. We serve as counsel to property owners, banks, developers, construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, licensed professionals and other parties in transactions and litigation, and we emphasize protecting our clients’ interests while helping ensure that construction projects move forward on time and on budget. Rather than simply identifying legal issues, we work closely with our clients to overcome them, and we seek to facilitate solutions that meet our clients’ immediate needs while also serving their long-term goals.

Experienced Legal Representation For All Phases Of Large-Scale Construction Projects

From project planning to project completion and from acquisition financing to post-construction leasing or sale, we advise our clients at all phases of large-scale construction projects in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. We routinely represent parties on both sides of construction-related transactions, including:

  • Architect and engineer contracts – We represent architects, engineers, property owners, and other businesses and professionals in contracts for the design and construction of commercial and residential properties.
  • Real estate development contracts – We work with property owners and developers to prepare and negotiate development contracts that protect their financial interests while providing them with the flexibility they need to react to unexpected events during construction.
  • Debt and equity financing agreements – We represent local and regional banks, large financial institutions, private investors, and borrowers in all types of debt and equity financing transactions involved in South Florida construction projects.
  • Contractor and subcontractor agreements – We represent property owners, contractors, subcontractors and other parties in the preparation and execution of contractor and subcontractor agreements, placing a particular emphasis on bond, lien, warranty and related issues.
  • Insurance contracts – Our attorneys have extensive experience in all matters pertaining to property insurance, liability insurance and other insurance contracts.
  • Partnership and other business entity agreements – Our attorneys routinely assist with the formation and modification of partnerships and other business entities in relation to real estate acquisitions and construction projects.
  • Purchase and vendor contracts – From scaffolding and building materials to dumpsters and portable restrooms, we represent procuring entities and vendors in relation to all types of purchase and vendor contracts.
  • Property sales contracts – With an extensive real estate transactions practice, we are able to strategically and efficiently represent buyers and sellers in transactions involving the sale of vacant land and new construction.
  • Condominium owners and homeowners association agreements – We have attorneys who focus their practice in the area of condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners association (HOA) law and who can assist with the development of association agreements and related documentation.
  • Commercial leases – We routinely represent lessors and prospective tenants in commercial lease negotiations involving new and existing properties of all types and sizes.

We also offer extensive experience in dealing with regulatory matters involved with large-scale construction projects in South Florida. From zoning approvals and land use issues to issues involving access to utilities and rights of way, our lawyers work with state and local agencies to secure the rights our clients need to start and complete their projects. When necessary, we also represent our clients in adversarial administrative proceedings involving regulatory matters. Contact us to learn more about how a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer at Saavedra-Goodwin can help you.

A Team Of South Florida Lawyers Committed To Our Clients’ Success

We have long-standing relationships with many of our construction clients, and we routinely advise clients through the duration of large-scale construction projects in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere. Rather than assigning matters to an individual lawyer, we operate as a firm to provide our clients with comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective legal representation for all aspects of their construction projects. Whether you are at the early stages of a construction project or you need practical legal advice for a construction-related dispute, our lawyers are ready to help.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Construction Lawyer At Saavedra-Goodwin

If you would like to speak with one of our construction lawyers, please contact us to arrange a confidential initial consultation. Call our Fort Lauderdale, Florida, law offices at (954) 928-9568 or tell us how to reach you online so that will be in touch with you shortly.