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Finding the right name for a business

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Business Law |

There are many considerations when it comes to launching a business, from financial obligations to goals and working with partners. However, one of the most critical and basic steps is finding the right name for a business. The name one chooses will play an important role in the presence and overall success of a business and there are legal factors to review with respect to naming a business as well.

Sometimes, people change their minds and decide to name their business differently. It is imperative to settle on the right name before moving forward.

Registering a business’ name

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, it is vital for business owners to register the name of their firm once they have made a decision. Various factors need examination, such as going over the ins and outs of the market and finding a creative name. Once a business owner has settled on the perfect name, they need to register their business’ name in order to safeguard it.

Business structure and registering a name

There are various business structures and this plays a key role in how one registers the name of their business. According to the Internal Revenue Service, some business structures include limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations and sole proprietorships. Sometimes, business owners need to register their name at the state level, while the names of other businesses require registration at the federal level. When it comes to business formation, this is a critical step that will play a central role in the success of a company and future growth.

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