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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encompasses a wide range of processes and techniques used to settle disputes outside of the courtroom, through the assistance of a third party. Attorney Glen Lindsay is a Florida qualified arbitrator and a Florida Supreme Court-certified circuit civil mediator. He is experienced in virtual mediations using a secure, online platform, allowing mediations to be scheduled throughout the state, regardless of location.

Mr. Lindsay is a highly sought-out mediator and arbitrator known for his effective communication skills and analytical insights honed over many years as a litigator and advocate for his clients. He mediates a wide variety of civil, commercial and real estate disputes.

While litigation has a time and a place, so do arbitration and mediation. There are some differences that are useful to understand.

  • Mediation: A way that parties can attempt to resolve their disputes on their own terms with the assistance of a neutral and impartial third party professional, the mediator. The mediator facilitates dialogue between the parties (and their respective counsel) through promotion of mutual respect and engagement by all sides.
  • Arbitration: Resolution of a dispute by an impartial third party, the arbitrator. Unlike mediation, arbitration provides the impartial third party with the authority to make a decision about the dispute. Similar to a trial but far less rigorous, this process is typically far less costly and less time-consuming than litigation.

To summarize, a mediator is neutral and impartial and works with both parties, offering suggestions and options. An arbitrator, while also impartial, serves the roles of both judge and jury, and makes a decision based on the evidence, arguments, precedence and statutes.

Areas Of Service

In every practice of law, there are issues that require resolution. ADR, such as mediation or arbitration, offers an effective and efficient opportunity to resolve these issues. Attorney Glen Lindsay offers ADR services in:

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