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Successfully Handling Commercial Real Estate Closings Statewide

Commercial real estate closings in Florida involve a number of complex issues, and both buyers and sellers have a vested interest in ensuring that the sale of the property involved goes as smoothly as possible. Unnecessary issues can lead to delays and litigation, and this makes it imperative to have experienced Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyers involved in all aspects of the closing process.

Since 1988 the attorneys at Saavedra-Goodwin, have represent buyers and sellers in commercial real estate closings statewide. We also represent lenders, brokers, landlords and tenants to ensure that our client’s interests are protected. Commercial closings have many moving parts, and issues can escalate quickly. Our team of experienced attorneys will anticipate your needs, manage all aspects of the closing process, procure title insurance and help ensure that the parties get to the closing table with confidence.

Proven And Consistent Comprehensive Legal Advice And Representation For Large-Scale Commercial Real Estate Purchase And Sale Transactions

We offer comprehensive legal advice and representation for large-scale commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions. In addition to matters such as negotiating the terms of purchase and sale agreements. We can take on any facet of the process. We can also:

  • Conduct due diligence
  • Execute a title search and secure title insurance
  • Resolve liens and other encumbrances
  • Create easements
  • Ensure appropriate representations, warranties and indemnification rights
  • Manage escrow funds and agreements
  • Evaluate environmental compliance and risks
  • Evaluate regulatory and zoning compliance
  • Negotiate financing agreements, assignments and other related agreements
  • Prepare loan documents
  • Negotiate and enforce contract contingencies
  • Ensure adequate signing authority
  • Prepare legal opinions
  • Prepare seller’s transfer documents

We assist our clients with post-closing matters as well. Once the deal has closed, ownership has transferred, many times for both parties there is still work to be done. We record the necessary documentation with the appropriate authorities to ensure that there is no risk of ongoing liability; manage the payment of lenders, brokers and other third parties; and take any other steps that are necessary based on the unique circumstances of each transaction. We also assist with land use and zoning, development, preparing leasing documentation and all other types of commercial real estate transactions and disputes for property owners across the State of Florida.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing buyers, sellers, property owners, lenders, tenants and other parties in a broad range of commercial real estate transactions. We offer our commercial closing services statewide for purchases and sales of:

  • Gyms, fitness centers and other business locations
  • Hotels, motels and other accommodations
  • Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes
  • Industrial and warehouse facilities
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Multifamily residential properties
  • Office buildings
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Restaurant and retail locations (including malls, shopping centers and stand-alone properties)
  • Special purpose properties
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Vacant land for commercial development

Discuss Your Closing With An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney

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