A Business-First Approach To The Practice Of Law

From Incorporation Through Dissolution, SG Handles All Corporate And Aviation Law Matters

Saavedra-Goodwin provides a broad spectrum of corporate and legal services to a diverse group of clients, ranging from small owner-operated start-up companies, through large, well-established multi-state and international corporations, in areas including:

  • Choosing the proper corporate entity for startup
  • Formation of the corporate entity
  • Drafting and filing articles of incorporation
  • Drafting partnership agreements, operating agreements, corporate by-laws and shareholder agreements
  • Mergers, sales and acquisitions of existing entities
  • Purchasing and leasing assets and real property through corporate vehicles
  • Executive planning and compensation
  • Financing
  • Commercial leasing
  • Equipment leasing
  • Leveraged buy-outs
  • Dissolution and wind-downs

Corporate Law Advice For Businesses Of All Sizes

Saavedra-Goodwin provides advice to new, or newly changing, businesses about the advantages and disadvantages of various corporate structure options including general partnerships, incorporation, limited liability partnerships and/or companies, and other business structures assisting in the proactive creation of comprehensive owner and employee agreements in order to forestall later avoidable problems.

The legal needs of emerging, established, expanding, evolving or struggling corporations present different sets of issues which Saavedra-Goodwin is equally well positioned to serve, having represented multiple clients continuously stretching over two and a half decades through multiple scenarios.

And the careful detail oriented assistance Saavedra-Goodwin provides regarding the wind-down of a company’s affairs can avoid common pitfalls facing business owners at the end of a company’s life cycle.

The Realities And Risks Of Corporate Opportunities

Let us show you the positive aspects, potential pitfalls, and perhaps yet unknown considerations that exist in order to make prudent growth-focused decisions from the inception of your company onward.

Furthermore, certain sectors of business present challenges unique to their field of operations. This is especially true for aviation related entities to which Saavedra-Goodwin  provides uniquely qualified legal counsel. And to financing real estate developments in this complex underwriting market.

Work With A Trusted Corporate And Aviation Law Team

Since 1988 the attorneys of Saavedra-Goodwin have provided legal advice, negotiation services and both simple and complex documentation drafting for individuals and firms throughout Florida. Our experienced corporate lawyers will show you how the use of well-drafted contracts and agreements that accurately reflect the realities of your business opportunities and risks in a business transaction can protect you and your profits.

At Saavedra-Goodwin we are committed to providing you with experienced, skilled, knowledgeable legal advice, delivered in an individualized manner that can only be found within the more intimate setting of a smaller law firm. Our firm practices in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami, Miami-Dade County, West Palm, Palm Beach County, in the greater Orlando area, as well as throughout the state of Florida. Contact us today to schedule a confidential meeting with an experienced Fort Lauderdale corporate lawyer. Please call (954) 928-9568.