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Co-Counsel And Pro Hac Vice Representation

When attorneys from other states need to appear in court in Florida or otherwise have cases in Florida that they can’t handle, they need help. There are some options available, but often, it might be simpler, faster and more successful to work with a local attorney.

At Saavedra-Goodwin, we are trusted litigators who can assist you with your client’s needs and bring you into Florida courtrooms. We’re local to Fort Lauderdale and have well-developed litigation and alternative dispute resolution skills. We’re also trustworthy attorneys who want to help you find the resolution for your client, not take the client away.

Where We Can Help Your Clients

Our attorneys have the experience in many areas of the law that you and your clients may need insight into Florida law for. We routinely work through issues on such difficult areas of the law as:

We can serve as co-council on your pro hac vice matters in Florida, serving to ensure your strategies and bringing you the insight you need to make the right moves for your clients.

Experienced Florida-Based ADR

Alternative dispute resolution is similar in broad strokes to where you are. However, it is the details that matter most. Our experience in ADR, with the use of retired judges and arbitrators – makes us an ideal partner for these issues. We look at the nuts and bolts of your client’s problems and provide you with options that work under Florida law.

Collaboration For The Benefit Of The Client

Working with other attorneys and professionals is a basic fact of our business. We have a stable of skilled CPAs that we can contact on any given case. We prioritize effective communication and putting the client first. We work with you to pursue positive results. We want to be your partners, not your competition.

Reach out to us to learn more about how our lawyers can help your client. Call (954) 928-9568 or send an email using this form.