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Can a mediator help you?

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Working through disputes can seem time consuming and difficult. Many people find it concerning due to the addition of litigation, too.

But litigation is actually entirely possible to avoid. How can one do this? Simply through the use of an alternative dispute resolution method instead.

Conflict management skills

Harvard Law School discusses the ways mediators can help during disputes. Mediators serve a unique role in problem-solving. They offer a neutral, third-party perspective that does not favor one side over the other. This allows all sides of a dispute to seek advice knowing that the mediator does not have underlying goals, desires, or conflicts of interest.

Mediators also have training in conflict management. They can deescalate situations that seem to spin out of control and ensure that no one ends up having a meltdown in the middle of discussions. They can calm down parties who feel particularly angry or agitated. They also ensure everyone has the chance to speak, so no one feels left unheard or ignored.

The goal of mediation

When going through mediation, the point is to work toward a place where all parties can agree on an outcome together. A mediator is not there to tell everyone what to do, nor do they have the authority to order them to follow a decision they make. Thus, it is important for all parties to have the ability to work together in a civil and responsible manner.

Mediators can help pave the way to get to that final agreement. With them, many parties can maintain their business ties while also fixing their dispute and moving forward.

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