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Attorney for Business and Development Interests in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

At SG, we have established relationships with Bahamian counsel that can offer the legal help necessary to take a parcel of land in the Bahamas through every step of the real estate process, from the initial purchase of one lot of land or large tracts of land all the way through the completion of any type of real estate project. Over the last 15 years, SG has been involved in over 100 Bahamian transactions and developments on behalf of an array world-wide clients, mostly Canadian and U.S. based.

If you are involved in Bahamian real estate purchases and development, you understand the substantial financial investment involved. Our law firm has extensive Bahamian experience and can help streamline the complex purchase and development process and handle all of your real estate needs. SG works with Bahamian counsel to help developers and purchasers in negotiating and structuring purchases, obtaining development approvals with the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Government, and conducting closings of property in resort and residential locations. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in developing restrictive covenants for development projects in the Bahamas. Due to our firm's decades of experience in Bahamian development projects, the lawyers of SG have established and continue to maintain healthy relationships with local counsel in the Bahamas. Our local South Florida real estate practice brings SG additional connections to help in financing and other related real estate matters.

A Law Firm for All of Your Real Estate Needs in the Bahamas

The attorneys of SG have expertise in the following types of Bahamian real estate cases:

  • Land acquisitions and development structures
  • Marina acquisitions and development structures
  • Community and condominium association documentation
  • Hotel condominiums, timeshare, and fractional products
  • Rental management agreements
  • Hotel management agreements
  • Closing documents with U.S.-based closings and disbursements
  • U.S.-based escrow services
  • Developer services
  • Escrow services, title insurance, and closings

Your SG lawyer will work with local counsel or serve as a go-between with Bahamian governmental authorities and legal counsel in order to guide you to a clear understanding of all of the requirements of what is often an unfamiliar process. Our goal is cost effective and efficient service.

Furthermore, our Fort Lauderdale office can serve an individual lot owner or a large scale developer for their individual Bahamian real estate needs. Our Florida office uses U.S.-based escrow services with U.S.-based title insurance for Bahamian real property.

SG Real Estate Attorneys Beyond the Bahamas

Our law firm has assisted developers and interested purchasers in many other Caribbean or Latin American countries in addition to the Bahamas. We frequently serve as co-counsel to local counsel in these countries in order to permit the closings of offshore properties to occur with the same comfort and convenience of a typical closing in the United States.

Additionally, SG can help you form domestic and foreign business entities of all types and provide guidance as to the best alternative for your situation that is available from the many options that each individual state or nation-state offers.

The lawyers of SG assist buyers and sellers of resort properties in the consummation and completion of their transactions. We have substantial experience in working with local counsel in order to assist United States purchasers and sellers better understand the issues arising in offshore transactions. Whether you are a purchaser who needs help understanding the Beach Concession land regulations of Costa Rica or a developer looking to build a marina in the Bahamas, SG can help.

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Since 1988, SG has provided comprehensive real estate services to a vast array of clients throughout Florida and nationwide. Our firm practices real estate law in the following areas: Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami, Miami-Dade County, West Palm, Palm Beach County, throughout the state of Florida and works with local counsel in the Bahamas and other Caribbean and Latin American Countries.