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Assisting Businesses With Damages Recovery

A commercial insurance policy is a substantial expense for your company. When a disaster strikes, you have every right to expect quick and full payment for damages covered by your policy. Delays in payment can slow your business recovery and even place your business viability at risk.

Saavedra-Goodwin has supported the success of South Florida businesses since the firm was founded in 1988. Our Fort Lauderdale property damage attorneys have helped scores of businesses recover compensation to rebuild commercial property damaged by wind, rain, water, fire and vandalism, including damage to:

  • Structures, such as office buildings, warehouses and factories
  • Equipment and tools used in the operation of the business
  • Furniture, fixtures and other assets
  • Landscaping, including plants and walkways
  • Outdoor signage and awnings
  • Inventory

Is Your Business Fully Covered?

The language in a business insurance policy can be difficult to interpret. Commonly, discrepancies in coverage emerge only after the policyholder files a claim. The difference in interpretation is sometimes merely a tactic on the part of the insurance company to reduce the payout for legitimate claims.

Your commercial insurance policy may include the following coverage and exclusions:

  • Named perils coverage – It provides coverage for the events specifically named in the policy. You may decide to purchase coverage for location-specific perils, such as wind and hurricane insurance in South Florida or for industry-related perils that are more likely to affect your specific business.
  • Exclusions from coverage – An all-risk policy covers damages from typical risks, except for those perils specifically excluded. For example, terrorism and acts of war are commonly excluded in open coverage policies.
  • Interruption in business – Most insurers offer a business interruption policy that covers loss of income and expenses related to the property damage or the underlying event. These policies cover varying levels and types of loss, so you should choose an appropriate policy for your location and industry.

How Our Fort Lauderdale Property Damage Attorneys Can Help

After sustaining a business loss because of a disaster, you cannot afford to delay in pursuing your rightful compensation. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the sooner you can recover the money you need to resume your business operations or, in catastrophic cases, to keep your business afloat until the community has recovered. In addition, our firm’s early involvement gives us the opportunity to more effectively investigate your situation and gather crucial evidence to support your claim.

Our legal team acts as your advocate as we:

  • File your insurance claim for its full value
  • Collect vital documentation that proves the nature and value of your claim
  • Obtain a scope of loss and cost estimate to repair your damages from a licensed expert
  • Consult with experts about challenging issues
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company
  • Sue the insurance company if it denies part or all of your claim
  • Begin bad faith proceedings when appropriate

Consult with Our Fort Lauderdale Property Damage Attorneys Before Filing A Claim For Commercial Property Damages

Recover compensation for the destruction of your company’s property caused by a hurricane, flood, fire, wind, vandalism, theft or another adverse incident. Call Saavedra-Goodwin at (954) 928-9568 or contact our firm online to discuss your rights and options with our Fort Lauderdale property damage attorneys.