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When you have experienced damages to your home or business as the result of a fire, you may not know where to turn first. Your home may be uninhabitable due to fire, smoke and water damage, or your livelihood may be threatened by your inability to continue to operate your business on at least a temporary basis. In times like these, when you are experiencing tremendous emotional upheaval and distress, the last thing you need is an insurance company that is reluctant to provide you with immediate assistance or relief.

You may be surprised at the resistance that you may face from your own insurance company when you make a claim for fire damage. This is, of course, the same insurance company to which you have faithfully paid premiums for insurance coverage in case of a disaster like the one that you are facing today. Your insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster to your case, whose job is to interview you, inspect the damage to your property and produce an estimate of your damages. Keep in mind, however, that the insurance adjuster works not for you but for your insurance company and therefore may not have your best interests at heart. The insurance adjuster may find reasons to deny your claim or to declare your home or business to be less than a total loss. This can create a difficult situation for you and your family as you struggle to recover from the financial devastation of the fire that has claimed your home or business.

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As the insurance adjuster prepares an estimate of the costs of repairs and/or replacement of your losses from the fire, you may see significant differences between the insurer’s value of your claim and the contractors’ estimates to restore your home or business. Additionally, you are likely subject to specific provisions in your insurance policy that pertain to fire damage, which may come into play if you disagree with the insurance adjuster’s assessment of your claim. The typical insurance policy is quite complex, and even the most sophisticated reader may struggle with its interpretation.

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There is no need to battle a giant insurance company with unlimited resources on your own. Let us help you explore your options, consider the alternatives and make the decision that is right for you and your family. We can level the playing field for you and help you recover from the devastation that a fire can cause. Contact our office today via our online form or by calling (954) 928-9568 to see what we can do for you.