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Helping Business Owners With Insurance Coverage And Damages Claims

A hurricane, fire, flood or another disaster often does more than destroy your business property, it may deprive you of your primary source of income. Even shutting your doors for a day would seem unfathomable under most circumstances and yet a single catastrophic event could keep your business out of operation for weeks or months. The loss of money could jeopardize the viability of your business. This is where interruption in business coverage is vital.

During the more than 30 years since Saavedra-Goodwin was established, our team has witnessed numerous natural disasters that are the unfortunate norm in South Florida. We understand firsthand the challenges of rebuilding your business in the chaotic aftermath of a major storm. Our Fort Lauderdale property damage lawyers have helped dozens of businesses recover damages for physical destruction of their property and for the interruption in their business operations.

Choosing The Right Type Of Business Interruption Coverage

Business interruption insurance is typically offered as a package policy for businesses that purchase commercial property insurance. However, coverage for business interruption varies greatly from one policy to the next. You should understand what your policy actually covers and for how much.

For example, some policies require the policyholder to demonstrate physical property damage caused by a named peril. In this case, you might not be entitled to compensation for the temporary closure of your establishment after a hurricane that left your business property intact – a common occurrence in South Florida. Other policies cover lost income and expenses associated with any period of closure that is related to a named peril.

Filing A Business Interruption Claim

We know time is of the essence to get your business up and running as soon as possible. Our Fort Lauderdale property damage lawyers quickly obtain interim payments for you and immediately and efficiently pursue the maximum available commercial property damages and interruption in business coverage, such as:

  • Basic business interruption – Compensates you for the period of time required to make repairs to damaged property.
  • Extended business interruption – Takes into account the time you need to ramp up to pre-loss levels of income.
  • Contingent business interruption – Recognizes your dependency on vital vendors and key customers and provides coverage for your financial losses incurred because of the physical damages to their property.
  • Service interruption – Protects your business from losses caused by disruption in water, electricity, gas, Internet or other utilities that are essential to running your business.
  • Civil authority coverage – Covers a circumstance in which the government denies you access to your unharmed property to protect area businesses or residents – such as a mandatory curfew or street closures that affect your business operations.
  • Extra damage-related expenses – Reimburses you for costs of continuing or resuming your business – for example, rental of a temporary office space or equipment.

Consult With Our Fort Lauderdale Property Damage Lawyers

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