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Assisting With Mold And Water-Related Claims

Florida’s humid hot weather offers ideal conditions for mold growth. When a flood, storm or burst pipe causes water damage, mold can quickly proliferate and spread throughout the walls, ceilings and floorboards of your home or office. In addition, the building’s faulty design may contribute to water retention and contribute to spore growth within the structure.

Toxic molds or fungi is sometimes invisible from within the structure, yet they can trigger serious health problems. By the time you can see or smell the mold, the spores have likely spread to unhealthy levels. Exposure to indoor mold can cause respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing, coughing and other chronic health issues. You need to remove mold from your premises immediately. However, whether your insurance covers mold damage depends upon your individual policy.

The discovery of mold can trigger unique issues of insurance coverage and causation that can provide insurers with an additional argument against providing coverage for your damage.

Saavedra-Goodwin has assisted South Florida businesses, homeowners and condominium and homeowner associations with insurance matters for more than 30 years. Our Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward County property damage lawyers regularly handle claims arising from immediate and residual water damage, property destruction and mold damage.

Duty To Mitigate Moisture And Mold Damages

Most Florida insurance policies that cover mold damage require the property owner to mitigate mold growth after a water event, including:

  • Halting the water intrusion, if possible. For example, plug a leaky roof, faucet, air conditioner or water heater, or shut off the water valve of a burst pipe.
  • Removing standing water and dampness that could harbor mold spores.
  • Repairing the property to prevent further damage.

Our attorneys advise clients on steps they should take to meet their contractual obligations. Mitigation not only protects your insurance claim, but also your health and property.

Proving Causation Between A Water Event And Mold Growth

After your home or business has been damaged by a water event – such as a hurricane, rainstorm or flood – your insurance company may argue that it is only responsible for the portion of your property that sustained water damage. However, this coverage restriction ignores the typical growth patterns of mold, which can spread throughout your property, far from the original site of water damage.

Our lawyers understand the science behind mold production and formulate a persuasive argument for coverage. We consult with indoor air quality experts who explain the connection between the water event and the mold growth, so there is no confusion. We conduct the appropriate testing of your property and generate a report that informs the insurance agent and educates the jurors and judge, if we take your case to trial.

Recover Compensation For Mold With Assistance From Our South Florida Lawyers

Our Broward County property damage lawyers help you recover when a water event —such as a rainstorm, flood or burst pipe – triggers mold growth on your property. Call Saavedra-Goodwin at (954) 928-9568 or contact our firm online to discuss your mold claim.